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Most of the costuming classes can accomodate older children, and some may be suitable for younger children with parental involvement. The rapier classes are open to youth rapier fighters in Division II and up, unless instructors indicate otherwise.
There will also be a youth rapier tournament on Sunday morning.

There are fewer activities available for younger children. There will be no children's point where you can leave your children while you attend classes. There is a pool and game room available for hotel guests. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Due to site restrictions of the hotel, we will not be serving our own food as part of the event. The hotel will provide a lunch service, where you can place your order with a cashier throughout the morning, and pick up your lunch during the lunch hour. Also, there is a restaurant in the lobby where normal sit-down service is available. There are some restaurants nearby, and the hotel provides shuttle service to anywhere within a 5-mile radius to their overnight guests. The lobby restaurant also serves breakfast, and room reservations include breakfast for two.

Since nearly every available space is being used for classes, there will be limited populace space in the merchant room, as well as common area in the lobby and atrium. There will be no space to set up day camps, so please do not bring your own tables and chairs.

There will be a Revel on Saturday evening, beginning at 8:00pm. There will be live music and dancing. A cash bar will be available in the dance/music room, as well as in the bar/restaurant area.
Additionally, there will be space available for bardic activities, separate from the music and dancing space.

While you are in the Chicago area, you may want to consider setting aside some time to visit the Art Institute of Chicago.
The Art Institute houses a comprehensive collection of medieval art made in Europe over a period of 500 years. Major collections of arms and armor, jewelry, ceramics, and tapestries, along with paintings and sculpture, vividly demonstrate the ceremony of life in the Renaissance era in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands.

The Metra Station in Itasca is about half a mile from the Holiday Inn, and the hotel will run free shuttles upon request for their overnight guests. It will bring you into downtown Chicago, where you can take a CTA bus, catch a cab or simply walk across the loop to the museum.