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A and S

If you are interested in teaching an A&S class,
please contact our A&S class coordinator -
THL Philippa Montague (Erika Hepler)

A&S Class Schedule

Location Class 1 Class 2 Outdoors

Beginning Fingerloop Braiding
This class will provide an introduction to fingerloop braiding. Supplies will be provided.
Instructor: THL Philippa Montague

Open Play Time with a Coal Forge
I will be bringing my coal forge to MKAOD this weekend for some open play time. I'll be working on making some tongs but if you'd like to stop by and give it a try, please do. If you plan on playing you will need to be wearing closed toe shoes, fitted sleeves and only natural fibers. Will offer one on one instruction for beginner and intermediate smiths.
Instructor: THL Ercc Glaisson


Silk Banners
A brief history of heraldic flag/banner use in medieval Europe and a hands on instruction of silk painting. Please, no children under 12.
Instructor: Baroness Epona Brodin

Finishing Wire Woven Chains
The class focuses on how to finish chains, including endcaps and clasps. No fee. No class limit as long as you can see me work.
Instructor: THL Gunnarr Alfljot


Lunch Break


This class will be a hands on workshop - a make and take experience for those who have no experience doing any bookbinding. There will be a small class fee and participation will be limited to six students. The class will be filled on a first come first serve basis.
Instructor: THL Ercc Glaisson and THL Philippa Montague

Roman Ladies' Garb
This class will describe Roman ladies' garb - the easiest garb you will ever own!
Instructor: Jael Ben Ari


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