A&S Activities


 A&S Classes
11:00 am What the Ffwc?! A guide to pronouncing Welsh and Irish - Siobhán an Einigh of Connacht
Size limit: 10 hand-outs
Age limit: 10 and up
11:00 am Lady Pirates - Lady Susana Merrybegot
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm   
2:00 pm Women Warriors - Lady Susana Merrybegot
3:00 pm Combat archery Q &A - Siobhán an Einigh of Connacht
Description - Have questions about doing combat archery in the Midrealm? Come ask a local CA marshal in person at this class!
No size or age limit


Bardic Activities  
1:00 pm Bardic class - Riddles in Anglo Saxon England and beyond - Hilla Stormbringer 
After feast until 11:30 pm Bardic circle