There are many great activites scheduled for Border Skirmish this year.

Currently looking for instructors.  If you are interested, please contact our A&S coordinator: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please included name of instructor, class description, # of students (if applicable), class title and fee, if any. 

The classes can be on any SCA subject and will be held in the building where the tavern is (same place as last year) about 5 min walk from the fighting. Classes can be as long as you wish as long as they are held between 10:00am and 4:00pm. There can be up to 3 classes in the building at the same time.  The building has tables, chairs, electricity and water.  

A Baking Contest

Bake something in your camp, or bring an item prepared. More info to come.

Atenveldt Style Helga Ball

Come uphold the honor of your Kingdom! Midrealm vs Northshield in a game of Helga Ball.

The game will be played on the weapons field. Please meet by the port-a-johns at 3:20pm play will start at 3:30. Rules are available below.

Artisan's Row

Alissende de Montfaucon

Barony of Jararvellir

A&S Classes

  Table 1 Table 2 Table 3
10:00 am      
11:00 am Bacon! Are Ewe Accurate?  
12:00 pm   Heraldic Submissions Process  
1:00 pm All Grain Beer Brewing 101 England Before the Black Death: Life in England in the early 14th Century A Practical Survey of Period Color Cosmetics 
2:00 pm Nebula Headdress
3:00 pm  


Class Instructor Description
Bacon! Baron Henry of Exeter Brief history of Bacon and how to make your own without breaking the bank.
Cost: zero
Class limit: unlimited
(One hour class but I will have my smoker going 2 hours before class)
All Grain Beer Brewing 101 Baron Henry of Exeter A hands on beer brewing class where we will actually brew beer using an recipe derived from the Arnold’s Chronicle of 1503.
Cost: zero
Class limit: max 20
(this class will take 2-3 hours and the beer will not actually be drinkable. If I can have access to the stove top during this that would be great, otherwise I can bring a portable burner and do this outside, weather permitting).
Are Ewe Accurate? Metylda of Ravenslake A look at different breeds of sheep that existed during the SCA time period - Portland, Ryeland, Manx, and Cheviot - and how they modern breeds of the same name may differ (or not) from their period counterparts. Other sheepish discussion is sure to happen! Examples of the different fleeces will be available for "show and feel". 
No max number, and donations for printing are appreciated, but not required.
Heraldic Submissions Process Discussion Herr Alexander Adelbrecht von Markelingen, A.P.F., C.D.H. Are you interested in learning more about the submission process for Names and Devices? 
How long does this actually take? 
How many steps/hands does my submission go through? 
We will discuss these and take additional questions during this discussion.  
Lincoln Herald, Midlands Region, Midrealm
England Before the Black Death: Life in England in the early 14th Century Lette de Cherselawe England changed fundamentally in the aftermath of the Black Death.  This class, focusing on social history, will survey what went before.
It will be 1 hour and while there is no limit on class size I will only bring 15 handouts.
Nebula Headdresses Dame Nicolaa A look at a widely used headdress from the 14th to 15th century in many western European countries and Britain.  Will discuss possible construction techniques and display samples. Hand out, no-fee.
A Practical Survey of Period Color Cosmetics Dugu Taifei This class will cover basic cosmetic making methods from different regions and periods within SCA timeline. We will make a visit to ancient Rome, Byzantine Empire, Persia, East Asia, medieval Southern Europe and Renaissance Italy. All cosmetics made by participants can be taken home in provided containers. There will be also a small display of perfumes and other beauty products and tools. 
As there is a risk of allergic reactions, a pre-registration will be required so I can poll about potential allergies/scent dislikes/use of animal products. I will post an announcement closer to the event date at both the Border Skirmish and Northshield Facebook pages. 
If you have any questions, please contact me through email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 
Class duration: 2 hours 30 minutes 
Class limit: 8 (limited to adults) 
Class fee: $15 (includes handout with recipes and all material needed; all cosmetics can be taken home in provided containers)
Pottery Class - Artisan's Row Alissende Hands on introduction to cooking with pottery. Prepare recipes for cooking in glazed and unglazed pots, 
covering preparation of the pots, introducing to the coals, as well as cleaning different types of pottery. 
There will be examples of what can go wrong, and discuss what can be done to avoid these issues yourself. 
There will be a number of different pot types and sizes to cook in and discuss.


Helga Ball Guidelines - (Atenveldt Style)

Team Composition

1. There shall be 2 "ladies" teams of 5 or 6 players, including an optional goalkeeper.
2. Players must be 18 year or older.
3. One team shall be called Helga’s and the other shall be called Olga’s.
4. Viking garb is encouraged, but not required. A dress or large tunic is encouraged for scooping of Cabbage.
5. Players are encouraged to wear do-rags, heavy shoes/boots and to wear knee/elbow pads.

Officiating &Team Support

1. Gentleman may not pay Helga Ball (they might get hurt), but may serve as Officials or Team Support (refreshment staff, towel bearers etc.)
2. There shall be 1 Referee from each side authorized to make decisions related to scoring and rules of the game
3. All play shalI stop when the Referee calls "HOLD".
4. The Referees may banish a player to a Penalty box for any reason and any length of time.
5. Gentlemen can be designated as a goal post.

Field Setup

1. Field is square. 25 yards by 25 yards (suggested size).
2. Two goals are located on the end line at opposite sides of field.
3. Two Gentlemen shall serve as stationary goal posts for each goal.
4. Goal posts may not leave end line and shall be positioned and stay at least 2 arm lengths apart.
5. The 4 comers of the field, the end lines where goals are positioned and a centerline must be marked for play.


1. Up to 3 cabbages may be used per game.
2. Cabbage should be compact and aged (sitting in a frost free fridge for a couple of weeks helps).
3. If a cabbage breaks up, play shall continue with the biggest remaining hunk unless/until the Referee calls hold and restarts play with a replacement cabbage.

Objectives of the Game/Scoring Points

1. Points are scored by getting the cabbage through/past your opponent’s goalpost. Each score   equals one point.
2. Goalposts shall signal a “score” by raising one are and yelling either” Helga ball!” or “Olga ball!” to identify the scoring team. When goalposts disagree about a score the Referee shall decide.
3. Play shall continue until 15 minutes have elapsed (omitting holds) or 3 cabbages have been used, whichever is first.
4. The team with the most points at the end of the play wins the game.

Rules of Play

1. The game shall be started with a kickoff at the centerline.
2. A kickoff at the centerline shall follow each goal scored.
3. If the cabbage goes out of bounds or whenever directed by the Referee, play will be restarted by rolling the cabbage into play from the sideline.
4. Players may kick or dribble the cabbage with their feet.
5. Players may scoop the cabbage up in a skirt, apron or do-rag and move the cabbage on the field, but may not touch the cabbage with their hands or use hands (even under clothing) to pick up the cabbage.
6. Passing is allowed by kicking the cabbage to another player or throwing the cabbage from a skirt, apron or do-rag to another player’s skirt, apron or do-rag (without touching the cabbage with hands).
7. Hold shall be called anytime the cabbage is touched by a player’s hand, the cabbage is out of sight of the Referee for more than 10 seconds or the cabbage is held stationary by one or more players for more than 10 seconds. Play shall then be restarted by rolling the cabbage in from the sidelines.
8. Tackling is not allowed but “hugs” (individual and group) are allowed.
9. Rules may be changed or added at any time if approved by the Referee.