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Everyone in the SCA has different interests.  There are activites that should interest nearly everyone.

heavy-125 One of the oldest activities in the SCA, heavy combat uses rattan weapons and armor.
rapier1-125 Rapier combat, i.e. fencing, is extremely popular in the SCA.
archery2-125 Many events provide an opportunity for archery and thrown weapons.
arts2-125 The Arts & Sciences are an important part of the SCA. This includes cooking, costuming, calligraphy, bardic, dance, etc.
youth-125 Youth and children are an important part of our shire and our events.

Shire Champions

Archery Champion:
Astridr Ymirsdottir

Bard of Ravenslake:
Lady Gabrielle Roslyn Morley

Bocce Ball Champion:
Reimar Erikson

Heavy Weapons Champion:
Hjalmar Njalsson

Rapier Champion:
Morvyth Bengrick

Thrown Weapons Champion:
Lady Metylda of Ravenslake