Rapier Combat Class Schedule

If you would like to offer to teach a rapier class,
please contact the rapier class coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


9:00am - noon

Special - Terrence will make himself available for three hours’ worth of half-hour tutorials. 
Please contact Terrence to sign up. 

Time TBD

Special -- LOGOS will host a 3 hour intensive course on Fabris. 
All safety/fencing gear required, there will be fencing  


Time Rapier I Track Rapier II Track C&T Track General Track
9:00 am Great Sword vs other weapons - Konstanz Fighting on your knees - Moira Campbell Destreza for C & T  - Master Kai Tseng  Rapier MIT 101 - Warder Cecily O’Donell
10:00 am Gigante/Late Period Italian class - Warder Rafael di Merisi How to Care for your Sword  - Ursus Theatrics of Fencing in the SCA (fencing equipment needed but no sparring) - Baron John Inchingham
11:00 am Slaying the “Beastial Man” (dealing with strange guards, non-period techniques and other curveballs)  - Warder Rafael di Merisi Case of Rapiers -  Master Kai Tseng  Tournament Mindset - HRH Cellach Tourney Formats & How to Run Them - Warder Cecily O'Donell
12:00 pm Lunch 
Swordswomen’s Roundtable
Warder Gwynneth verch Ieuan
1:00 pm     1:30 -3:00 C&T Display of Prowess   
2:00 pm      
3:00 pm 3:00 - 4:30 Rapier Display of Prowess   3:00 - 4:30 C&T Armored Demo  
4:00 pm    
5:00 pm Combat Activities End


There will be at least 4 MKAOD Scholarships ($50 grants) available. 
Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to apply.


Heavy Combat Class Schedule

9:00am Inspections and pickups
10:00am 10:30am: Bear Pit with buckler 
12:00pm Lunch Break
1:00pm Bear Pit - fight until you drop
4:00 pm
5:00 pm Combat Activities End



Thorbjorn's Favor: 
This year at MKAOD, fencers will be asked to vote for a new bearer of the favor. 
Voting will go on throughout the day at the list table.
The current bearer is Sir Lucas Otto Gustav Stephan (“Logos”) von Schnecke.
Thorbjorn's Favor is a traveling honor, created in remembrance of Master Thorbjorn the Greysides, awarded 
once a year to an attendee of the Middle Kingdom Academy of Defense in the Shire of Ravenslake.
Citizens of the Middle Kingdom and of the kingdoms of Northshield, Ealdormere and Calontir are eligible. 
Those gentles who have already borne the favor (see list below) are not eligible to bear it again.  
The bearer is chosen each year by a vote of those fencers in attendance. Tie votes are decided 
by the previous bearer. The new bearer is asked to wear the favor for one year, to bring it back to the next 
MKAOD, and to have his or her name embroidered on the favor before passing it on to the next bearer.  
Click here to view the video tribute to Master Thorbjorn

Bearers of Thorbjorn's Favor:  
1) Master John Inchingham
2) Master Fritz Bare
3) Sir Guillaume LaFort
4) Master Baron Adam Comyn
5) Master Alexander de Seton
6) Master Christian de Fournier
7) Don Mateo Montero de Madrid
8) Warder Gallien le Cavalier de L’lle
9) Master Philippe de Leon
10) Mistress Moira MacGillavrey 
11) Master Anton du Marais
12) Master Terrance of Tynedale 
13) Warder Kai Tseng 
14) Baron Adam of Rivenster (Master Adam MacAoidh) 
15) The Honorable Lord Liam Martini 
16) Defender Cecil duPont 
17) Master Peter Grau von Bremen 
18) Defender Adam Carmichael
19) Warder Philip Reimer von Wolfenbüttel
20) Mistress Azriel le Fey
21) Sir Lucas Otto Gustav Oswald Stephan (“Logos”) von Schnecke 


Here is a handy link to the Middle Kindgom Rapier Combat Rules for your reference.

Also, a link to the Middle Kindom Armored Combat Handbook

and the Midrealm Youth Rapier Handbook.