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In fond memory of Master Thorbjorn the Greysides, Warder Kai Tseng has assembled this collection of videos so that all may learn of the great deeds and character of our beloved departed friend.











8:00am - 2:00pm Troll open
9:00am Rapier classes begin
10:00am Heavy Combat classes begin 
A&S activities
Lunch served
1:00pm Rapier and Heavy Combat classes and 
A&S activities continue
4:30pm Feast site opens
5:00pm Heavy weapons and rapier activites end
6:00pm Daytime site closes
6:00pm or at the whim of HRH Midrealm Court (at feast site)


Shire Champions

Archery Champion:
Astridr Ymirsdottir

Bard of Ravenslake:
Lady Gabrielle Roslyn Morley

Bocce Ball Champion:
Reimar Erikson

Heavy Weapons Champion:
Hjalmar Njalsson

Rapier Champion:
Morvyth Bengrick

Thrown Weapons Champion:
Lady Metylda of Ravenslake