Martial Activities

Schedule Subject to Change, based on will of the Crowns, needs of the event staff, and safety and sight limitations.

No combatant will be allowed to sign in or fight on the lists without showing their site token.

Minors must have a parent or guardian with them at the thrown weapons range.
BSX Fight 


  Heavy Rapier Archery Thrown Weapons


Field open for pickups (bring your own marshal)

Field open for pickups (bring your own marshal). Authorizations by appt.


8:00pm (Dusk)

Torchlight Tournament at the Barrier

Field closes





  Heavy Rapier Archery Thrown Weapons


Inspections begin
Field is open for pickups

Inspections and authorizations


Inspections & open shoot


Range setup


Authorizations available - Siege marshal on site



Novice Tourney 



Novelty Shoot -
"The Raven's Flight" 

Range Open


Cancer Benefit Tournament  




Swiss 5 Tourney 




Battles - The Kingdom of Northshield vs. The Kingdom of the Middle






Lunch break


Lunch break


Lunch break


TW Marshall class


Gerard Style Warlord Tournament 


Kids' shoot/open shoot


Range open



Desco's Bucket Game 


Society Seasonal Archery Challenge (SSAC)




Pickups and ad-hoc scenarios (TBD)


Counted Kills Melee 


Novelty Shoot (TBD)





Range closes 

Range closes



Cancer Benefit Tournament



Novice Tourney

Open to any fencer who has not previously won a tournament. Format TBD based on attendance.

Swiss 5 Tourney

Fencers will compete in 5 rounds of combat in which they must use each of the weapon sets in which they are authorized. Parings for each round will be made randomly. Weapons forms between combatants do not need to be matched. If you are not authorized in a form you may substitute single rapier.
- Single Rapier (may substitute two handed sword)
- Rapier and ‘Shield’ (any shield shaped parry device)
- Rapier and other parry device (any non-shield shaped parry device)
- Rapier and Dagger
- Case of Rapier
Wins will be counted and those with the most wins will proceed into a series of single elimination finals in which the form that they must use is determined randomly.

Gerard Style Warlord Tournament

Each round the potential warlords must defeat their opponents to have them join their team for the next round. This will continue until all fencers have been joined to one warlord’s team.

Desco's Bucket Game

Time limited resurrection battle in which two teams will attempt to deliver cards to the opposing bucket of the correct color (diamonds and hearts to red, spades and clubs to black). Cards will be randomly drawn from a deck that will be available at each team’s resurrection point. Each team may only ever have one card in the field of play at a time. Cards must be carried in an open hand (card carrier may fight single with their other hand). Cards may not be passed. If a card carrier is killed while holding a card the card is dead, a new one may be drawn from the team’s resurrection point. At the end of time the team that has delivered the most cards to the correctly color bucket will be the winner.


Counted Kills Melee

This is also a time limited resurrection battle, however this time dying matters. The position of three flags will be fought over. When time expires (signaled by a hold being called by the martials) each team will receive 10 points per flag that they control.

During the fight after a fencer is killed they may go to EITHER of the two rez zones. When entering the rez zone a marshal will keep a tally of fencers based on their team. Each time a fencer is killed the team that killed them will earn a point. At time intervals that are up to the marshal in the rez zone’s discretion it will be declared that all of the fencers in that zone on a given team have been resurrected and may leave the rez zone to rejoin the battle. Marshals are encouraged to do this in an alternating order between the two teams, they are also encouraged to minimize the time that fighters spend waiting in the rez zone.

The winning team is the team that has the most points based on a combination of kills and flag possession.