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Our shire is made up of many wonderful members, primarily living in Lake and McHenry counties outside Chicago.

  seneschal-100  You can find lists of our Members and Officers, or view our Order of Precedence
history-scroll  In addition, there is a work-in-progress History of the Shire available.
unlock  Finally, shire members can Log In to the website to see business information. 

Shire Champions

Archery Champion:
Astridr Ymirsdottir

Bard of Ravenslake:
Lady Gabrielle Roslyn Morley

Bocce Ball Champion:
Reimar Erikson

Heavy Weapons Champion:
Hjalmar Njalsson

Rapier Champion:
Morvyth Bengrick

Thrown Weapons Champion:
Lady Metylda of Ravenslake